Course Overview

Duration 2-3 hours (approx) – available online or in person.

A training course designed for people with little or no knowledge of the relevant legislation, audio in general or induction loop (AFILS) systems.
Hearing loops and audio are sometimes considered a ‘black art’. This course aims to address this with very little jargon and a relaxed training atmosphere.
The first hour of the course is CPD certified.

Topics covered include:

What is a disability?
How many people are hard of hearing?
The Equality Act and what it recommends for the hearing impaired
Other relevant legislation and schemes
An overview of the auxiliary aids available, including IR, Radio and loop systems – how they work, pros and cons and typical applications
Full run though of all amplifiers in the range and how to specify them
Microphones: How they work and which ones work best in the built environment
Audio inputs: Outreach plates and the difference between Line and Mic inputs
Phased array loop technology: what it is and how to software design, install and test them
Testing to EN60114-8 / BS7594
An overview of SigNET’s PDA Range of hearing loop systems

Contact Details

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