A series of SigNET’s powerful PDA200E induction loop amplifiers are now in operation at a new ‘super library’ in London.

Costing over £14m to construct, Canada Water Library in Southwark has 40,000 books, a café and a collection of computers and laptops available for hire. The unique pyramid shaped state-of-the-art building also houses a purpose-built 150-seater theatre.

Six PDA200E induction loop amplifiers are now in operation in the building’s libraries, learning facilities rooms and café to ensure that visitors who are hard of hearing can access the facilities. Two of SigNET’s APSS Phase Shifters have also been used to prevent ‘dead spots’ (the areas directly above or below the loop cable where the signal suddenly drops to zero and cuts out sound altogether) and ‘overspill’ so people with hearing aids outside the rooms cannot pick up conversation.

Said Mark Bez, System Designer at ProAV, the specialist audio company that completed the installation: “Making provision for the hard of hearing in public buildings is essential. We used SigNET’s PDA200Es because they are reliable, easy-to-install and specifically designed for areas up to 200m2.”