A FAILING voice alarm system at one of Southampton’s biggest tourist attractions, the Quay’s Eddie Read Swimming and Dive Complex, has been replaced by SigNET’s fully integrated voice alarm, public address and background music system, Integrity.

After spending many hours repairing the site’s old voice alarm system, Technical Alarm Systems (TAS), an established partner of Southampton City Council, were keen to replace the faulty system and, after a lengthy consultation process, Integrity was chosen for the £10m site.

Says Stan Brooke of TAS, “It was easy for us to sell Integrity to the council, especially as its powerful simulator software allowed us to design and demo the site’s cause and effect scenarios prior to the system being purchased.”

In line with the site’s fire management plan, Integrity was interfaced to the building’s fire alarm system and configured to broadcast custom ‘Alert’ and ‘Evacuate’ messages around the site as appropriate.

A zonal paging microphone was also installed at the reception desk – allowing staff to make announcements to any or all of the site’s audio zones – and an ‘all call’ firefighter’s microphone was installed next to the fire alarm panel to allow the fire services to make live directive announcements in the event of an emergency.

“Integrity’s ability to function as a voice alarm plus a public address and background music system is utilised to full effect at the Quays” adds Stan. “A series of headset-type radio microphones are connected to Integrity via a local public address rack which allows coaching guidance and sports commentary to be broadcast around the site during swimming competitions and other events.

“Plus, different background music is routed to different parts of the complex with, for example, gentle music played in the café/public areas and hi-energy music in the Fitness Suite.”