SigNET’s PDA200E induction loop amplifiers have been installed at Great Ormond Street Hospital’s Rainforest Ward as part of a rolling £30M refurbishment.
Facilities for the hard of hearing are legally required in all public buildings and SigNET’s very cost-effective PDA200E induction loop amplifiers have been specified in all newly refurbished areas of the hospital.

Rainforest Ward, the long stay Gastroenterology Ward for children with digestive and metabolic problems, was first to be fitted with induction loop systems in its three reception areas/nurse stations. However, rather than the cable being fitted around the reception desk as is normal practice, it is contained within the suspended ceiling due to hospital specifications stating that wiring must be encased and not exposed. Microphones have also been neatly situated on the walls alongside each nurse station/reception desk rather than on workspace.

The steel structure of Great Ormond Street also needed to be taken into consideration in the planning of the system. Large amounts of metal work can significantly affect the performance of induction loops and, therefore, measures need to be taken to combat the problem. The solution in this case was to increase the power to the induction loop amplifier from a standard 1.5A power supply to a 3A PSU to ensure full coverage for each reception desk.

Says Kevin Rydon of Capri Mechanical Services Ltd, the company responsible for the project: “Demand for induction loops is definitely on the increase as communication aids for the hearing impaired are mandatory in many public buildings. SigNET’s equipment is ideal for this kind of installation as it is very easy-to-install and cost-effective. The company’s after-sales service is also excellent as there is always someone on hand to provide technical guidance”.

Founded in London in 1852, Great Ormond Street specialises in the care of children, working with the UCL Institute for Child Health and its medical school. The Hospital is the largest centre for research into childhood illness outside the USA.