When the voice alarm at one of Salford University’s prestigious libraries failed to make the grade, SigNET’s powerful Linx system was specified.

As the fire alarm was required to remain fully operational throughout, it was imperative that the new voice alarm be fitted as quickly as possible. The all-in-one, pre-wired and ready-to-use Linx passed the ‘easy-to-install’ test with flying colours, and proved ideal for this particular project.

The 150-speaker system acts as a combined public address/voice alarm/background music system at the library. In the event of an emergency, Linx will automatically broadcast top quality pre-recorded messages.

Said Lee Tudor of Abel Alarm, the specialist installation company that completed the project: “The fact that we were working in busy occupied premises meant that we needed easy-to-install equipment and Linx enabled us to complete the project quickly and cost-effectively.”

The state-of-the-art system is certainly a dramatic improvement on the library’s old fire bells. Based around SigNET’s powerful iX LS six input prioritized mixer, the system is simple yet contains all the features of larger life safety systems such as the capacity to page and play background music.

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