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SM Sound Masking System

• A new range of sound masking equipment that increases privacy, improves worker performance and enhances productivity by adding uniform background noise to workspaces.
• Increases ambient sound levels so private conversations become less audible from a distance
• Patented four channel distribution emitters provide uniform spatial coverage with four uncorrelated channels, eliminating interference and the need for complicated tuning
• Wide range of equipment capable of covering single zone spaces of up to 1,115m2 right up to multi-zone spaces of 6,689m2.
• Audio input provided for paging or music (6 zone control module has 2 audio inputs)
• Ideal for call centres, open plan offices, law enforcement buildings, counselling offices, courtrooms, research laboratories, banks, spas, waiting rooms and more
• UL 60065, CE, FCC & RoHS compliant