DXT9000 Medium to Large VA System to EN54-16/4

DXT9000 Medium to Large VA system to EN54-16 & EN54-4

  • A completely scaleable and versatile range of configurable EN54-16 compliant VA solutions.
  • Flexible digital system architecture with Ethernet connection to the outside world.
  • Centralised or distributed configurations.

Part Numbers

Part No Description
MU9816 Master Unit for DXT9000 system, 8 IN 2 OUT, bus OUT
MX9502 Master Unit DXT9000 system, 8 IN, 2 OUT x 250W-100V, bus OUT
MX9504 Master Unit DXT9000 system, 8 IN, 4 OUT x 125W-100V, bus OUT
UP9504 4×1+1 input DXT9000 pw amplifier 4x125W AC/DC, bus IN/OUT
UP9502 2×1+1 input DXT9000 pw amplifier 2x250W AC/DC, bus IN/OUT
UP9501 1+1 input DXT9000 power amplifier 500W AC/DC, bus IN/OUT
BM9802 Paging microphone console, numeric keypad + ALL-CALL DXT9000
BM9804 Paging-emergency microphone console, 3 program. + ALL-CALL  DXT9000
BM9804FM Fireman paging microphone console for DXT9000
BE9808 8 button extension for BM 9802 and BM 9804; max 8 per console
IN9000 Emergency Console with PTT firemans mic
EOL3-9 DXT3000/DXT9000 End of line monitoring unit


Coming soon.