PRO/D Range Phase-Shift Hearing Loop Amplifiers

Introducing SigNET’s new PRO/D range of constant current, phase-shifting hearing loop amplifiers, all with easy-to-use graphical displays & Class D output stages for maximum efficiency.

  • Clear & intuitive graphical interface allows simple set-up of input levels, output current, phantom power and metal compensation
  • 200m2, 500m2 or 1000m2 coverage (model dependent)
  • 2 x XLR mic/line inputs (selectable)
  • Digital optical ‘Toslink’ connector facilitates easy connection to TVs, etc
  • Outreach connector allows up to 10 of our revolutionary audio input utility plates to be added
  • Dedicated wall-mount and free-standing options
  • Anti-tamper lock function prevents unauthorised adjustment of system settings
  • 5 year warranty as standard
  • Class D output stage for maximum efficiency and very high output
  • Superior analogue audio processing with a powerful CPU and cutting-edge technology provide life-like speech and first class music reproduction
  • Short circuit protection against loop faults for increased reliability
  • Fault relay & LCD display provide clear indication of operation and fault status
  • Industry leading dual action automatic gain control compensates for poor microphone technique
  • Line level output for recording or daisy-chaining multiple units to cover larger areas.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


TYPE: Free-standing (supplied with IEC 320 fused mains lead) or Wall-mount (requires permanent connection to Mains).

200m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 14m x 14m (PRO5/DD free-standing, PRO5/DW wall-mount, both 2 x 3.5A).
500m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 22m x 22m (PRO7/DD free-standing, PRO7/DW wall-mount, both 2 x 5A).
1000m2, i.e. rooms up to approx. 31m x 31m (PRO11/DD free-standing, PRO11/DW) wall-mount, both 2 x 7.5A).

INPUTS: 2 x XLR mic/line (selectable); 1 x Outreach. 1 x Optical TOS Link digital receiver.

OUTPUTS: Loop 1 & Loop 2; Line Out; Fault Relay.

CONTROLS: Sensitivity Level Controls for Line In, Mic, 12V Phantom, Outreach, Optical, Metal Comp, Drive1&2, Loop, Phase Shift.

INDICATORS: Graphical ‘OLED’ display with 4 membrane control buttons.

DIMENSIONS: Free-standing: 67H x 218W x 280D mm. Wall-mount: 298H x 308W x 74D mm Weight: Free-standing: 2.38kg; Wall-mount: 3.35kg.

Download our PRO/D Range datasheet