PDA103i Loop Kit for Disabled Refuge & Intercom Points

  • A self-contained hearing loop system specifically designed to integrate with disabled refuge, door entry and intercom help points.
  • Helps satisfy the integrated loop requirements of the 2018 revision of BS 8300
  • Housed in an attractive surface-mounting IP65 rated enclosure for use in indoor or outdoor areas.
  • Supplied with a plugtop power supply (if no plug socket is available, replace with an appropriate 110-240Vac @ 50/60Hz Mains power supply – see instructions for further details).
  • Adjustable controls allow the amplifier’s input and output stages to be set to suit the exact characteristics of the application.
  • State-of-the-art audio processor helps suppress loud noises, hisses & clicks
  • Includes internal Limit, Peak, Loop Fault and Power On indicators
  • Exceeds the requirements of PD IEC TR 63079, BS7594 & EN60118-4 when correctly installed.


Hearing Loop Type: Wall mountable. Plugtop mains lead supplied.
Coverage: 1.2m2 approx.
Dimensions: 290m x 220mm x 100mm (including controls). Weight: 0.8kg.
Inputs: 1 x 3.5mm mic. socket; 1 x 3.5mm line level socket, 1 x Outreach socket
Indicators: Limit; Peak; Loop Fault; Power On.
Controls: Mic; Line; Outreach; Metal Compensation; Loop Drive (Level)
IP rating: IP65