Loudspeakers & Ancillaries

A wide range of general voice alarm ancillaries are available from SigNET including:

  • Background music sources (such as rack-mounting CD players, cassette players and tuners)
  • 5V and 12V four input relays
  • 100V to line level convertors
  • PABX dial up interfaces
  • Hotswap modules
  • Tone generators & Programmable timer units

See the full part number listing below for further details.

Part Numbers


DNC200: 5 disc CD player, 3U rack mountable
DRW695: Twin auto reverse cassette player
DRM595: Single play cassette player
RMK8: Rack mount kit for DRW695, DRM595
DNU100: Digitally controlled FM/MW/LW analogue tuner, rack mountable


RLP: 5 Volt relay, 4 input, open collector switchable DPCO
RLPV: 12 Volt relay, 4 input, 470R switchable DPCO
LEST: 100V to line level spike protected convertor
LEST/BBX: 100V to line level convertor with full galvanic isolation
BT5: PABX dial up interface
Loadmaster: Loadmaster loudspeaker line tester
PM-9208: Eight channel 100 Volt audio monitoring unit with loudspeaker
SPLIT100: Life safety circuit splitter, 2 x 100 Watts
SLIM: Line impedence monitoring unit
HS2: Hotswap module, 2 channel, requires 1 x TIJLS
TIJLS: 22kHz Crystal controlled tone injector 0 to 50V
PSIREN: 28 Band Graphic Equaliser / Ambient Noise Sensor, life safety
MPD: Message programming dongle kit – allows compatible sound files to be sent to, or retrieved from, an AVAC, LinX, Integrity or SigNET LS VA system using aPC
TPG5: Tone pulse generator with chime
TU16: Programmable timer unit, seven day, multiple event
SPE121: Rack mount monitor/test loudspeaker
SPE122: Stand alone monitor/test loudspeaker
NP7.2-12: 12 Volt 7.2 Ahr SLA battery
NP27-12: 12 Volt 27 Ahr SLA battery
NP42-12: 12 Volt 42 Ahr SLA battery
NP70-12: 12 Volt 70 Ahr SLA battery