ListenIR Infrared Hearing Solution

Available now from SigNET to complement our extensive range of audio frequency hearing loop systems is ListenIR, a powerful infrared assistive listening system ideal for use in areas where strict privacy and zero overspill is a must (courtrooms, schools with multiple classrooms etc). Comprising a powerful yet unobtrusive range of infrared transmitters, expansion radiators and listening receivers, ListenIR is the perfect choice for any application where reliable and effective ‘line of sight’ coverage is a must. The range comprises:-

• The LT-84 ListenIR Infrared Transmitter: Ideal for use in small to mid-size spaces such as classrooms, courtrooms and boardrooms. Multiple frequency options offer additional flexibility and simplify system setup. Offers gapless line of sight coverage of up to 2,787m2 (dependent on the number of LA-141 expansion radiators used). Max 4 x LA-141 expansion radiators per LT-84

• LR-4200-IR ListenIR Infrared Receiver: A compact high performance 4 channel IR receiver offering best-in-class sensitivity and range. Includes an integrated neck loop/lanyard with DSP loop driver for an enhanced listening experience. OLED display shows channels, battery status, channel status, volume level, and more. Advanced rechargeable battery technology eliminates the costs and hassles associated with frequent battery replacement

Part Numbers

LT-84 ListenIR Infrared Transmitter
LA-141 ListenIR Expansion Radiator, expands coverage of LT-84 (up to 4 per LT-84)
LR-4200-IR ListenIR Infared Receiver (requires LA-430 neck loop for use with hearing aids)
LA-430 ListenIR Neck Loop, one required per LR-4200-IR
LA-423-02 4 Port USB Charger, can charge up to four LR-4200-IR transmitters
LA-381-02 12 Way 'Drop-In' Charger, can charge up to twelve LR-4200-IR transmitters