LinX Sound System to EN60849

LinX is a highly cost-effective all-in-one, pre-wired and ready-to-use single zone sound system for emergency purposes.

Based on SigNET’s powerful iX LS six input prioritised mixer, LinX includes all the features of larger life-safety VA/PA systems in a compact wall-mounting swing frame rack.

The system is supplied with an FM1 emergency microphone (connected at input priority 1) and an SVMP2 digital message store (connected at input priorities 2 and 3). Three spare inputs (4, 5 and 6) are also provided for the connection of optional paging and background music sources.

Two versions of LinX are available, a 400 Watt version with 2 x 200W amplifiers and an 800 Watt version with 4 x 200W amplifiers for the connection of 100V loudspeakers (not supplied). The required number of VRLA standby batteries and a monitored fire alarm interface are provided with both versions.

Key Features

  • Supplied in a space saving, compact wall-mounted enclosure
  • Includes all the features of larger sound systems for emergency purposes in a compact wall mount swing frame rack
  • Straightforward installation and use
  • Pre-wired and ready for connection to the fire alarm, 100-Volt loudspeakers and batteries
  • Fully compliant with EN 60849 when installed correctly
  • Comes with a wall-mountable emergency microphone in a lockable red enclosure
  • Supplied with Evacuate and Alert messages
  • Custom messages available
  • Two spare inputs for paging microphones
  • One spare input for background music source (CD, tape, etc.)
  • Available in 400 watt multiples – 400W (2 x 200W) or 800 Watt (4 x 200W)
  • Available in 400 watt multiples – 400W (2 x 200W) or 800 Watt (4 x 200W)

System Operation / Components

LinX comprises the following components:

ALF12 Monitored Trigger Interface
Triggers the evacuation message from the MP2 message unit. Complete with unlatch (silence) input and VA fault output.

iXLS Prioritised Mixer
This is a six input, top down prioritised mixer. It provides fault monitoring of all six inputs and adds a 22.05 kHz tone to its output to monitor the link to the amplifier and from the amplifier to the End of line device on the loudspeaker circuits.

P2.200LS Dual Amplifier / Battery Charger
The P2.200LS contains two identical independent 200-Watt amplifier modules. The case is designed for convection cooling so does not require fans. Loudspeaker line monitoring is built in and lines are monitored for load low, load high, earth fault and tone input failure. The built-in monitored 3A battery charger recharges batteries within 24 hours.

MP2 Digital Message Store
This a dual message store containing two sound vault modules (SVM) with 8Mb of message storage space. Bandwidth is up to 16 kHz and maximum message length is 32 seconds.

RLP Fault Output
Volt-free changeover contacts for connection to a monitored fire detection circuit.

FM1 Emergency Microphone
This unit comprises a close-talking noise-cancelling hand-held microphone for use in noisy environments. The compressor, noise gate, and three band equalisation controls are used to ensure the best possible intelligibility. The chime function allows for none, one, two or three notes. To operate, simply open the front of the cabinet, unhook the microphone, hold close to the mouth and press the button on the side. This overrides all other inputs to the system. The unit is housed in a steel wall mounting case with a clear window and a lockable door. Connect using two 1.5mm2 four-core fire-rated cables (up to 1 KM).

Part Numbers

LINX1-400: 1 Zone 400 Watt system
LINX1-800: 1 Zone 800 Watt system
iXLS: 6:1 Prioritised LS mixer
ALFI2: 2 Input fire alarm interface with reset

1ZDM: 1 Zone LS local desk paging microphone
FM1: 1 ZoneFireman's microphone with red case

SVMP2-8: SoundVault dual 30 second LS message player
Sndvaultexe: Sound Vault upload/download software & lead
SPE043: Multiple message selector