DLR Phase-Shifting Loop Kits

DLR Dual induction loop amplifier kits for Phased Array Loops

• A new DLR range of dual induction loop amplifier kits are designed to simply the installation of a ‘phased array’ induction loop system.
• Suitable for use in areas up to 200m2, 500m2 or 1000m2 (dependent on the model purchased)
• Each pre-wired DLR kit features two PDA Pro-Range induction loop amplifiers, an APPS Phase Shifter and two outreach plates providing one
• XLR mic and one dual phono line input.
• Supplied in an attractive 4U enclosure
• Ideal for use in high-profile professional AFILS applications where minimal overspill and consistent loop coverage (i.e. no dead spots) is essential.

What is a phased-array induction loop system?
A phase-array induction loop system works by producing two AFILS signals that are 90° out of phase with each other. These signals are connected to two induction loops laid out in a special overlapping pattern (see inset diagram). The resultant magnetic field is evenly spread within the covered area and the field strength falls off very quickly outside the loop.


TYPE: Free-standing (optional wall or 2U 19" rack mount kits available); plugtop IEC mains lead provided
COVERAGE: 200m2 (PDA200/2); 500m2 (PDA500/2); 1000m2 (PDA1000/2)
DIMENSIONS: W 380 x H 80 (2U) x D 220mm; 3.74kg (PDA200/2), 3.46kg (PDA500/2); 4.54Kg (PDA1000/2)
INPUTS: 2 x XLR (one mic.; one mic/line) and one outreach connector
INDICATORS: Loop drive meter; compression (high/low); power on
CONTROLS: 3 x input level controls, loop drive, metal compensation, on/off switch

European versions are also available c/w Schuko plug adaptors, black, 7.5A (add /SH to the UK part nos)