SigNET’s new improved PL1/K1 portable hearing loop system is now available.

Featuring an attractive new wall-mounting storage shelf to ensure it is always on hand, the revised PL1/K1 is ideal for counters, tabletops, reception desks and meeting rooms. The modern lightweight amplifier can also be moved easily from location to location thus representing a simple and economical way of ensuring compliance with The Equality Act.

Simple to use by both staff and members of the public, the unit has an auto shut-off facility (user selectable for 10, 30 or 60 minutes) to help preserve battery life. By connecting the plug top charger, however, this timer function can be overridden to ensure the unit remains operational at all times.

Said Tremayne Crossley, SigNET’s Field Sales Manager: “The addition of a storage shelf means service providers can ensure their PL1 portable hearing loop system is always at hand when needed.”

For customers who already have a PL1 amplifier, shelves can also be purchased separately using order code PL1/SHELF.
For further details click here and/or to discuss pricing please contact Tremayne Crossley on +44 (0)7900 695767