Listentech’s innovative ListenIR range of infrared hearing assistance technology is now available from SigNET. 

Ideal for classrooms, performing arts studios, courtrooms, places of worship or anywhere where amplified audio needs to be private, the range includes lightweight IR transmitters and radiators, receivers and accessories, all designed to offer an exceptional end-to-end assistive listening experience.

Designed to complement our extensive range of audio frequency hearing loop systems, ListenIR is a powerful infrared system ideal for use in areas where strict privacy, zero overspill and effective ‘line of sight’ coverage is a must.

Said Tremayne Crossley, SigNET’s Sales Manager: “Listentech manufacture the best range of infrared assistive listening products on the market and we are delighted to be able to offer the range to our UK customers when they have a requirement for a wireless system.”

The key components of a ListenIR system are:

The LT-84 ListenIR Infrared Transmitter:  Ideal for use in mid-size spaces such as courtrooms and boardrooms, the LT-84 has multiple frequency options and offers gapless line of sight coverage of up to 2,787m2 dependent on the number of LA-141 expansion radiators used (max 4 x LA-141 expansion radiators per LT-84).

The LR-4200-IR ListenIR Infrared Receiver:  A high performance rechargeable IR receiver offering best-in-class sensitivity. Includes connections for an LA-430 neck loop c/w DSP loop driver. Features an OLED display that shows battery status, volume level and more. Charging options include the LA-381-02 12-Way ‘Drop-in’ Charging Tray and the LA-432-02 4 Port USB Charger.

The LA-430 Neck Loop:  A high quality neck loop c/w with DSP loop driver for use with the LR-4200-IR infrared receiver. Allows people wearing a telecoil-equipped hearing aid to listen to the signal generated from a ListenIR system to provide a clear and reliable listening experience.

For more details and/or pricing information, contact Tremayne Crossley on 07900 695767 or at