At the date of this statement (17 March 2020), SigNET is fully operational and is continuing to supply its customers in the UK and overseas. 

The health, safety and well-being of our workforce, as well as fulfilling customer demand, remains a top priority.

Following advice provided by the UK government, regular updates on the necessary precautions to take are being communicated to all staff, and close monitoring of the coronavirus evolution is underway.

Protocols have been stepped up throughout the company in terms of close personal contact and daily cleaning routines

In containing and delaying the coronavirus outbreak within the business, SigNET has suspended factory tours and customer training sessions. We are also requesting that our customers and visitors:

  • Comply with government guidelines surrounding isolation and self-isolation prior to attending site or coming into contact with any of our staff;
  • Comply with the increased hand washing and hygiene precautions in place if visiting any of our premises;
  • Refrain from close personal contact, such as touching or shaking hands whilst coming into contact with any of our staff.

A robust contingency plan is in place at SigNET to ensure that customer demands are being met, and provisions are in place to prepare for a change in the coronavirus situation.

  • The majority of SigNET’s supply chain are based within the UK which significantly limits the impact of any importing issues that may arise.
  • The suppliers that are used overseas provide bulk stock at standard consumption rates, and 8-12 weeks of stock is held on site.
  • The stock control mechanisms in place have been implemented for over 24 months to manage the electronic component lead time issues that have been witnessed across the electronics industry.
  • The production workforce are predominantly local residents and steps to manage labour capacity requirements are in place and are being continually reviewed.

Plans will be kept under regular review and updates will be provided through the company’s website and via our social media channels as the situation evolves.