SigNET’s hearing loops have been installed at Great Ormond Street Hospital as part of a rolling refurbishment.

Rainforest Ward, the long stay Gastroenterology Ward for children with digestive and metabolic problems at the hospital, was the first to be fitted with hearing loops in its three reception areas/nurse stations. However, rather than the cable being fitted around the reception desk, it is contained within the suspended ceiling due to hospital specifications stating that wiring must be encased and not exposed. Microphones have also been installed in the walls alongside each nurse station/reception desk rather than on workspace.

Said Kevin Rydon of Capri Mechanical Services Ltd, the company responsible for the project: “Demand for hearing loops is steadily increasing in public places. We specified SigNET’s loops are they are easy-to-install and the company’s after-sales service is excellent.’

Founded in London in 1852, Great Ormond Street specialises in the care of children and is one of the largest centers for research into childhood illness in the world.