Hard of hearing worshippers at All Saints Anglican Church in Vernon, Canada, can now participate in services thanks to one of SigNET’s UL-listed hearing loop systems.

Prior to its installation, hard of hearing parishioners struggled to hear the service due to the absence of an accessible loop system. Reverberant acoustics in the vast building exacerbated the problem.

Rev. Canon Chris Harwood-Jones called on Auris Systems, a Kelowna-based audio-acoustic company specializing in assistive technology, to assist. Following an on-site consultation and building survey, a powerful professional PDA200/2/UL induction loop amplifier with coverage of 2,150 square foot (200m²) was specified. The result was startling.

Said the Rev. Canon: “The response to the installation of the loop system was universally enthusiastic. People who had not heard the service properly in years were now able to hear every word.”