A beautiful Buddhist retreat in Florida has been equipped with one of SigNET’s powerful loop systems for the hard of hearing.

Located on 125 acres of restored wetlands in the tranquil Everglades, The Florida Nature and Culture Center (FNCC) opened in 1996 as a facility for SGI-USA members to discuss philosophy, everyday life and a shared devotion to Nichiren Buddhism.

One of SigNET’s pre-wired DLR Dual Hearing Loop Amplifier Kits has been installed at the center. Featuring two PDA Pro-Range amplifiers, an APPS Phase Shifter and two outreach plates, the system has been specifically designed to minimize overspill (so people with hearing aids outside a room cannot pick up conversation) and facilitate consistent coverage throughout the site to ensure that the hard of hearing can participate fully in discussions, activities and events.

Said Tremayne Crossley, SigNET’s audio-specialist: “Hearing loop systems have the power to transform the lives of hard of hearing people and we were delighted to design a system for the FNCC so everyone can now access and embrace their wonderful facilities.”

Feedback from hard of hearing people visiting the center has been overwhelming. Said Ian McIlraith: “It was incredible for me. I was in the middle of a question and answer session and having a tough time hearing the questions even though people were speaking into the microphone.

“On a whim, I decided to see what would ‘happen’ if I switched my hearing aid to the T-coil channel and voila! Suddenly I was receiving the sound system sound directly into my hearing aids! I could hear the speakers breathing, the rattling of papers they were holding – it was like everyone in the room was inside of my head.

“It was so profound and shocking that I interrupted the session to briefly share my amazing experience.”