SigNET’s hearing loops are creating magic at the new Harry Potter set at Warner Bros studios!

The Leavesden set is home to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, a behind the scenes walk around the wonders of one of the most famous and successful film series of all time. Two of SigNET’s PDA1000/2 and three PDA500/2 hearing loops have been installed to ensure that the tour, which includes the Great Hall of Hogwarts School and Headmaster Dumbledore’s office, is accessible to the hard of hearing.

Leading installation company, Clarity, worked with SigNET’s Tremayne Crossley to create a unique system for the set. SigNET’s APSS Phase Shifter was utilized to combat overspill from the loop and to ensure consistent coverage throughout the site thus avoiding dead spots where the signal suddenly drops to zero and cuts out sound altogether.